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"I’ve known Liz for many years, and so I know that theology is not simply a canvas upon which she has chosen to exercise her literary and intellectual talent. Rather, it is the bread by which she lives. But I’d rather give some quotes from conversations I’ve had with a few women who have recently encountered Liz’s work in the Jesus Approaches book and seminars. 'She presents the Gospel in a way that seems, amazingly, as if it’s for every kind of woman, as if she knows just how the Lord sees all of the different feminine perspectives and understands them.' Another woman said, 'these seminars have meant so much to me, I wish they could keep going. They have opened up the Bible to me and made it relevant to my life. I wish I could attend one every week. Please have her back to our parish soon!'"

~ Fr. Byron Hagan, parochial vicar, Holy Cross, Northeast Minneapolis, MN