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Reviews of Liz's Books, Retreats and Scripture studies

Transformative. It transformed my thinking about what it means to be a woman of God.

Retreats with Liz


"Far exceeded my expectations! It was absolutely wonderful.”

~ Pam, retreat participant

Each of Liz's talks opened up hearts and minds to new ways of thinking, to new avenues of expressing our love of Jesus. . . . You could tell from the buzz in the room that the women were really engaged.  As people left, many, many of them thanked us and told us how wonderful it was. We really appreciated Liz's gentle humor, her warmth and her ability to lead us deeper into the mysteries of our faith.”
~ Susanna Herro, Co-president, Madison Catholic Woman’s Club

"Liz has a depth of knowledge and lived practice of the faith that calls others to conversion. In the retreat setting, she invites retreatants to engage in a relationship with Christ and his Church that is both personal and radical. As a presenter in adult faith formation, she integrates well her gifts of knowledge, writing, and teaching, all in pastoral service of the participants. It is always a blessing when Liz comes to our parish!"
~ Andrew J. Allen, M.A., Director of Children & Adult Faith Formation, St. Bartholomew, Wayzata, MN


More Praise for Jesus Approaches

Read this before you go to the Holy Land. It’s a perfect book to prepare you for that pilgrimage.
Ein Karem_Ancient_well_at_Church_of_the_Visitation.JPG

Jesus Approaches Women’s Study

“A sensitive look at how Jesus interacts with the women in Scripture and therefore how He interacts with me.”

~ Scripture Study participant

“I was not looking for or planning to take another Catholic study or read another book when the 'Jesus Approaches' study popped up in one of my emails—but I was immediately drawn to it. . . . I have also avoided women’s studies groups as I never quite felt like I fit in . . . This study, this book, Liz, changed all that. Her talks inspire me to look at my relationship with Jesus through the lives of the women in the bible in a fresh way. I feel more deeply connected to all women and the gifts we all have. ”

“The most in depth yet simple way I’ve ever heard women’s role described. Intimate and completely engaging.”

“This was like an amazing retreat for me each week, like a blanket of comfort, encouragement and love was wrapped around me each week.”

“Transformative. It transformed my thinking about what it means to be a woman of God.” 

“This will stay with me a long time. It was deeply personal and hit each of us in a beautifully unique way.”