The Rosary: A Path Into Prayer

The Rosary: A Path Into Prayer


The rosary has been a central element in the prayer lives of millions of Catholics the world over, including Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II. In this work, Liz Kelly explains the practical as well as the spiritual benefits that this often misunderstood prayer can have for modern life. This book includes surprising and moving testimonies by people whose lives have been touched, healed, and forever changed by this simple but powerful prayer.

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An Excerpt from The Rosary: A Path Into Prayer:

"The rosary reflects the divine order of things, a hierarchy within which science, natural law, mathematics, and the arts find their proper places. A person who prays the rosary becomes aware of the order of things; problems don’t seem so big, and God doesn’t seem so distant or indifferent. Any meditation is really a call-and-response, an action and reaction, an attempt to connect two divided parties—the mediator and God—all within God’s divine order and purpose. When we make that connection, transformation can begin to take place, change can be effected, and peace of mind has a place to grow."