Anima Christi (Album)

Anima Christi (Album)


All Consuming Fire, Mary Did You Know?, Doxology, Love and Dreams, Anima Christi, I Will Change Your Name, This Heart of Mine, Mary Are the Wondrous Works, Gospel Tune

“A one-word description for Liz Kelly’s latest CD, Anima Christi, is wow! Although a professional jazz vocalist for just over a decade, Kelly’s voice caresses each of her song’s phrases with a maturity and sensuality that I have never heard before from a Christian singer. Here is a voice that recognizes the mystery of love and the deep ways Divine Love calls forth love from us.

No mere intellectual faith poses in Kelly’s performance. Her versions of “All Consuming Fire” and “Anima Christi” smoke with strongly incarnate passion. In Kelly’s voice lurks the woman washing Christ’s feet with her tears, the princess of the Song of Songs and Mary waiting her son’s body at the foot of the Cross.

All Christians praise the Lord, but none do it with the same degree of emotion, desire and awareness of femininity as Kelly. This is about as far from the youth-group campfire approach to Catholic music as we’ve ever come, and I can only applaud and ask for more.” -David Morrison, “A New Song of Songs”

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