Jesus Approaches Take-Home Retreat for Groups

Jesus Approaches Take-Home Retreat for Groups

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What Contemporary Women Can Learn About Healing, Freedom & Joy from the Women in the New Testament

Whether you are a group of five meeting in someone’s home, or a group of 200 meeting in a parish, the Jesus Approaches Take-Home Retreat is designed to help every woman grow in confidence as she prays with Scripture and to enter more deeply into relationship with Christ. Each session begins by listening to a 35-45 minute talk by Liz, and then breaks into small groups for sharing, discussion, and sisterhood. We plan sessions to last about 90 minutes, but you can adjust that to meet the needs of your group. Learn More→

Study is $60 per person. Contact us for large group discounts. Free shipping on bulk orders of 25 or more! Use code BULKSHIPPING25 at checkout.

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